Education Wise: Growing Students into Engineer

Many students struggle with math throughout their schooling; EducationWise is working to change this starting with preschoolers. Helping children to build an interest in math early on is a great way to start on the road to success.
Math is an integral part of everyday life and needed for many careers such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, and everything in between. Give your child the best start with our innovative math workshop geared towards the early development of logic and problem solving skills in children ages 3-5
This 10-week program teaches children the foundational skills of math in a way that will foster a life long love for learning. Through games, songs, stories and hands-on activities children and parents playfully explore numbers, patterns and time and other concepts that will increase your child’s confidence with math when they begin school. Soon you will find your child using these math skills every day and enjoying every minute of it.
Our young engineers will cover concepts such as:
The importance of patterns
Familiarity with different representations of numbers
Number permanency
Learning about time
Sorting and categorizing
Quantity and size
Shapes and symmetry
Understanding of different methods of counting
Familiarity with methods of counting that become the basis of learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Introduction to a variety of uses of numbers

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