Please take a moment to review EducationWise’s tutoring policies.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our Promise to You.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our tutoring services. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your EducationWise tutoring experience, we will gladly offer a refund up to a maximum of the cost of one tutoring hour provided we receive notification within two days of the relevant tutoring session.
This satisfaction guarantee does not apply to cancellations or student no-shows. The maximum liability EducationWise is subject to is one hour of tutoring services.


Our tutoring rates vary from $45 to $100 depending on the tutor and the course subject. Discounts for regular or volume tutoring are available. All pre-paid packages are valid for up to one year and are transferable within the same household.


Payment for the first tutoring session is due in advance. EducationWise is responsible for the administration of all payments; our tutors are not authorised to accept payment directly. Payment arrangements will be required when signing up for tutoring.
Payments can be made by Visa, MasterCard, email bank transfer or cheque. Credit card payments are preferred, and credit-card information will be required prior to initial tutoring session. After the first tutoring session credit card payments are processed the week following the tutoring session and will appear on your credit card statement as EducationWise. Insufficient funds for cheques (NSF) will incur a $50 fee.

Tutoring Location

Generally, tutors will travel to your residence or to a nearby library. We also have a small tutoring centre near to the University of Calgary.
Tutoring Times and Schedule
Tutoring sessions last for one hour or one hour and a half, unless a longer period of time has been arranged in advance. At the end of each tutoring session the student or their parent must sign the timesheet as confirmation.


Any cancellations or changes must be arranged 24 hours prior to the scheduled session, or the session will be charged in full. Please contact the tutor directly to cancel or reschedule.
If we must cancel a session, we will reschedule the session at a convenient time for you. If we are not able to make up a session, you will not be charged.


If a student is late for a tutoring session, the tutor will attempt to reach the student by telephone and will wait at the tutoring location for 10 minutes. If the student does not arrive within 10 minutes, the session is considered a no-show and the tutoring session will be charged in full. If the student arrives within 10 minutes, the tutoring session will resume for the remainder of the originally scheduled session.

Open Communication

It is the responsibility of both the tutor and the student/parent to provide accurate contact information and availability.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (403) 228 0081

Solicitation of EducationWise Tutors

Tutors who are contracted to EducationWise have agreed in writing and are bound by the terms of the contract not to accept direct employment from EducationWise clients or client referrals for a period of three years.