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Our tutors are trained on how to tutor math properly, in all of the following areas of math...

Elementary School Math
Addition · Subtraction · Multiplication · Division · Measurements · Perimeter · Height · Length · Perpendicular · Parallel · Vertical · Horizontal · Capacity · Size · Volume · Weight · Patterns · Data analysis · Charts · Diagrams · Fractions · Decimals · Comparison · Problem solving · Mental math · Algebraic expressions · Distributive property · Ordinal numbers

Junior High Math
Pythagorean theorem · Angles · Circumference · Mean · Median · Bias · Radius · Rational numbers · Diameter · Mode · Rate · Integers · Range · Ratio · Linear equations · Outliers · Addition · Irrational numbers · Surface area · Cartesian plane · Exponents · Polygons · Uncertainty · Improper fractions · Chance · Place value · Perfect squares · Subtraction · Square roots · Algebraic expressions · Mixed numbers · Experimental probability · Sample space · Problem Solving · Factoring · Algebra · Reasoning · Estimation · Statistics · Probability

High School Math
Math 10 · Math 10 AP · Math 10 IB · Math 20-1, · Math 20-2 · Math 20-3 · Math 20 AP · Math 20 IB · Math 30-1 · Math 30-2 · Math 30-3 · Math 30 AP · Math 30 IB · Math 31 · Calculus · Factoring · Mental math · Statistics and probability · Binomial Distribution · Normal distribution · Premutations · Combinations

Post-Secondary Math: Whether you’re pursuing a diploma, undergraduate degree or graduate degree, EducationWise has a tutor for you.
We offer a variety of post secondary courses in math. We also offer assistance in preparing for entry exams such as LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, university applications, research, paper writing, and study skills that will help you make the best of your post secondary education and excel in your future career. 

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We Align Your Child’s Math Goals With Yours So They Want What You Want:
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We Design A Customized Math Lesson Plan That Will Guarantee Your Child’s Success:
A. Here’s Exactly What They Need, Week By Week To Improve in Math.
B. We Match The Best Math Tutor With Their Style Of Learning
C. We Schedule The Math Tutor To Start Immediately
D. If One Math Tutor Can’t Make It, We Have Another Standing By

We Monitor Their Math Progress On A Phone App So That You Know Where They’re At Every Step Of The Way:
A. Our Tutors Provides A Detailed Synopsis Of Where Everything Is At, Every Step Of The Way
B. Have A Question? Use Our Phone App And We’ll Respond Immediately

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