Trained Tutors Turn Your Struggles Into Scholarships!


Don't just go from confused to confident, a B in Math is confident; Let's look at all of their marks...
an A+ in Math is potentially a Scholarship!

We Start With A Free In-Depth Assessment That Tells Us Exactly What Your Child Needs To Improve Their Grades in Math:
A. Exactly Why Is Your Child Struggling?
B. Which Is Their Optimal Learning Method?

We Align Your Child’s Goals With Yours So They Want What You Want:
A. Do You Want Them To Pass An Exam Or All Exams With Flying Colours?
B. Get Honours in Math? Or Get Honours With Distinction?
C. Can We Get Them Into The Baccalaureate Program?
D. How About A Scholarship To University?

We Design A Customized Math Lesson Plan That Will Guarantee Your Child’s Success:
A. Here’s Exactly What They Need, Week By Week To Improve
B. We Match The Best Tutor With Their Style Of Learning
C. We Schedule The Tutor To Start Immediately
D. If One Tutor Can’t Make It, We Have Another Standing By

We Monitor Their Progress On A Phone App So That You Know Where They’re At Every Step Of The Way:
A. Our Tutors Provides A Detailed Synopsis Of Where Everything Is At, Every Step Of The Way
B. Have A Question? Use Our Phone App And We’ll Respond Immediately

Our Approach to Training Tutors

The CRAFT Approach

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Drawing on her own experiences, Louise personally selects and trains her team of tutors applying the EducationWise CRAFT approach:
• Create a supportive learning environment that promotes active discussion and the exchange of ideas
• Recognize individual learning styles and highlight students’ strengths and abilities
• Accountability – encourage students to take responsibility for their academic performance
• Focus on students’ interests to assist with the comprehension of the tutored subject
• Tailor sessions to student needs and exercise patience and flexibility

If you have any questions or would like to arrange tutoring please contact us.
Working together in high school

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