How to Get ‘A’s in Math

My advice is the same for every single student no matter what grade.

LEARN THE MULTIPLICATION TABLES!smiling little student girl with test and A grade


Learn them well, so you can answer a multiplication question in your sleep! Knowing the multiplication tables helps you to see patterns, and recognize the easiest way to solve many math problems. This advice comes from more than 10 years of teaching math to students at Mount Royal University, at SAIT, and as a private tutor. Some students were studying elementary math, while others the hardest level of high school or even advanced math.

Now that we all have calculators (on our cellphones), we have become lazy about basic number facts. This electronic helper is always there with the answer to any number question. Our fingers get stronger, but our brains weaken. We become dependent on our electronic buddy. Instead of exercising our brains and thinking through a problem, we depend on our buddy to give us the answer. When we stop looking for the answer, we weaken our ability to solve problems. When we believe that we cannot solve these problems ourselves, our brains don’t learn the relationships between numbers that are crucial to making and doing and understanding math questions easier – and even fun!.

How can we learn the multiplication tables when they seem like a bunch of boring number facts? If you want to make your body stronger, you start running or biking to get your heart beating and build your muscles.

It’s the same with math. There are a variety of games, training exercises and songs that can help you exercise your brain and make learning the multiplication tables easier. Visit Google to find them and practise for 5 minutes a couple of times a day. Your brain will become strong. You will start to recognize relationships between numbers that will help you solve math problems!

Posted by Louise Ridout – Founder EducationWise Inc.