Does EducationWise offer one-on-one tutoring?

Yes. We offer one-on-one in-home tutoring to students. We offer one-on-one on-campus tutoring as well to our university students.

How long is a tutoring session?

Most tutoring sessions are between one hour and one and a half hours. It is possible to schedule longer sessions, if required.

What makes EducationWise different from other tutoring services in Calgary?

EducationWise tutors strive to deliver your tutoring the way you want it. Following the EducationWise CRAFT approach, we start by looking at how the students learn and then focus on creating teaching plans based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Click here for some real-life testimonials from our current and previous parents.

How much tutoring will I need to achieve the grade I need?

This is different for every student and will depend on the grade you would like to achieve. Our tutors will ask you about your goals and will then create a learning strategy to help you to reach that grade.

What do you mean when you say you guarantee my satisfaction?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your EducationWise experience for any reason in any tutoring session, we will provide you with a refund. Please note: We must receive notification within two business days of the relevant session in order to process a refund. The maximum refund payable is the cost of one hour of tutoring services. The satisfaction guarantee does not apply to cancellations or student no-shows.

What is the background of your tutors?

Our tutors are carefully selected to ensure they meet with our high standards, demonstrating the skills and attitude required to achieve successful results for our students. We require that all of our tutors:

  • complete our extensive training and orientation program
  • are motivated and have a genuine interest in the success of their students
  • demonstrate patience and flexibility
  • are excellent communicators and listeners
  • have a strong history of academic success
  • possess a solid knowledge of the subject material
  • can relate well to young people

Many of our tutors are senior university students who have strong experience in the specific courses they tutor. Some are graduate students or teachers with experience teaching in the classroom. Some are professionals who have completed their own university degree and enjoy sharing their knowledge with young people.

Do I have to pay before I have my first session with one of your tutors?

Yes. Billing arrangements and a deposit are required to reserve your first tutoring session.

Can I pay my tutor directly?

EducationWise manages all billing, refunds and payments through our office. Our tutors are not authorized to accept payment. At the end of each tutoring session, tutors will ask the student or parent to initial a timesheet confirming the time and date of the session.

Do you provide the tutoring materials and supplies?

Most students will refer to the notes, textbooks and/or specific course material provided by their school. This will usually provide the best outline of the material that they are required to learn. We will provide additional materials if required.