Calgary JUMP Math Tutoring

cute girl with folders pointing to green boardMath is a subject that students frequently struggle with. Taking early action may be the key to helping students overcome comprehension problems and develop strong math skills.

An EducationWise tutor can help.

EducationWise tutors are trained in the JUMP Math program. This revolutionary program has been proven to help struggling students (K-8) succeed and excel in math.

The JUMP philosophy hinges on four core elements:

  • Teaching math in manageable segments
  • Raising the bar incrementally
  • Ensuring key concepts are understood before progressing through the levels
  • Creating a fun learning environment where math is enjoyable and engaging

We find the JUMP Math principles help students at all levels. At EducationWise, we accept students at all levels and help them to realise their math goals.

Confidence in math opens doors for students to pursue a variety of careers and is also valuable in many everyday tasks: from calculating change, taxes, and discount prices at the store to modifying ingredients while cooking, understanding sports scores and even budgeting and planning for vacations or parties!