A Good Nights Sleep










A good night of sleep is the most important thing we can do for our children today.

A good night of sleep helps them with their thinking and learning in school and in their activities through out the day. It gives them the ability to make good decisions.

With all the things that we have going on today in our lives, like sports, music, computer gaming and of course we can’t forget the internet – gaming, social media etc. With all this going on it is sometimes difficult to get our child to bed on time.

I know that some researchers say that 10 to 12 hours sleep is what a child needs to function in today’s world and not be cranky. That would be great in a perfect world. But with so much going on for our children in today’s world a more easily attainable goal would be for them to get 9 to 10 hours sleep a night.

Here are some hints to help you get your child to bed.

* Have some quiet time in the house before bed time. Make this a wind down time with very little stimulation.

* Make bedtime a habit/routine.

* Allow time for your child’s brain to calm down.

* A cool dark room is best for sleeping.

* Allow enough time for your child to sleep (ideally 9-10 hours as mentioned above)

Good luck in getting your children to bed at a good hour – it is one of the harder jobs out there!!

I would like to say to all children, I hope that your parents also get a good night of sleep.


Posted by Louise Ridout – Founder, EducationWise Inc.